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  • Packable Sport&Travel duffle bag
  • Zippered Cutback system reduces length from 45 cm to 10 cm
  • Cabin-size hand luggage approved
  • Ultra high quality Carbon PU
  • 4 Inner pockets + 4 outer pockets 
  • 10 mm U-zip main opening for easy access
  • Strong nylon side handle 
  • Adjustable nylon padded shoulder strap 
  • Capacity: 20 Liters
  • Size: Ø 26 cm x L 45 cm
  • 100% Innovative Italian Design
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Danver is the answer to many needs in just one Bag. The Danver Bag was conceived out of necessity. We wanted to create a packable duffle bag design that could be used by anyone, all the time, and be an essential item 

to take with you to the office, gym and in all of your adventures.

It rapresents a unique sport and travel bag with its stylish design and highly-functional features. This is the fitness and travel packable bag that finally meets the needs of the modern and active lifestyle.

DANVER BAG has 2 big round external side pocket for shoes + 2 zipped pockets to keep essentials.
Two short handles and a long, adjustable high quality polyester strap, one main U-zipped compartments and 4 inner pockets to better organize your stuff.
And here is the strong point of DANVER BAG! How many times have you emptied the bag coming home from a workout session and then you got it in the way? 
Or how many times have you bought a bag during a trip because you had not a chance to take it with you because of luggage ever closer? 
Or how many times has increased considerably the volume of your luggage and you were in difficulty to carry the stuff in excess during the journey back home?
From now on, these problems no longer exist because your DANVER BAG can be reducedup to 80% with the zippered cutback system!