Our Team

DANVER was born after decades of experience in the sports industry, it's a company specializing in the distribution of sports bags.
Our dynamic and smart products reflect our young and energetic team.
With DANVER BAG we want to give wide importance to sports and travel bag, we do not want to consider the bag only a necessity, an accessory, but we want to make it stylish, the protagonist of your style
cared in the design and in every detail, we want you to be the first to be proud to show to all your friends this fantastic every day companion. We want you to feel just cool!
Supporting DANVER BAG you will not buy a simple object, but you will have in your hands hundreds of hours of experiments, retries and achievements. 
You buy days of frustration and moments of pure joy, you're funding a piece of soul, moments of our life, our time taken to realize bags and backpacks designed in every detail.